(Event Finished!) London City Flyout @ EGLC - 231600ZJUN19

I’ll take apron 1 to KBDL in the Citation please :)

Ok! What’s the name of the city/airport?

Hartford/Bradley International

Actually could I take Stand 15 please instead?

Stand 15 to Hartford is yours!

Great, thanks!

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Can I have any gate to WARSAW (E190 Lot)

Can I have gate 2 to Glasgow please? THIS IS THE EXPERT SERVER TAKE GREAT CAUTION WHEN CROSSING THE RUNWAY*. RIP the departure time. Another thing is don’t overfill the taxiway at the end if it is departing runway 27.

Gate 2 is yours, and don’t worry about that! More information will be announced in a group chat! :)

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Gate 7 is yours!

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Thanks 😂. I can imagine it will happen at least once though, just that one pilot has an 'oh sh… moment’s.

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That’s one of my reasons why I selected London City. It’s different from “normal” airports like Los Angeles and London Heathrow!

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Ugh, the 2 airports I fly and control the most. I do rearrange myself to fly every aircraft on a completely random flight so I can see most corners of the world 😀

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Can I get gate 4 to Belfast?

Gate 4 is yours, thank you so much for coming to another event of mine! ;)

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@SwedishFlyer May I Take Apron 2 in the 737-700 Heading To Copenhagen (EKCH)? In The SAS Livery

Yeah, You Bet 👌


I’ll take this gate before it’s occupied too, thanks ;)

I’m sorry but Apron 2 is too small for a 737. Would you like to fly to Copenhagen in a Citation X instead? : )

Ok, Just A Sec I am Landing and then Ill check another aircraft i can take or switch gates

You can get the last gate at international gate but it have to be a real-life route

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Thanks for coming to another event of mine my swedish friend!

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