(Event Finished!) London City Flyout @ EGLC - 231600ZJUN19

London City Flyout


Last minute gates available!


Hello, after a huge success of my very first event (Stockholm Arlanda Flyout) I wanted to make another one. This time, we will flyout of a very small airport located in the Thames river - London City.

This airport is quite different from other airports. Pilots are forced to descend very fast when approaching the runway due to tall buildings etc surrounding the airport. Not all aircraft have been modified with the “steep approach function” which means not every aircraft can land there. The biggest as of now is the A318/A220.

Event Information

This event will take place 2 weeks. There are not many gates at London City, so I hope I can fill every gate in short amount of time, before I go on holiday.

If you want a route that isn’t on the list, please let me know!
More information about the event will be announced later on in a group chat. Hopefully 1 day prior. Thank you for checking out my event and I hope you can come. Please let me know if I have done anything wrong!

Server: Expert
Airport: London City (EGLC) (LCY)

Time: 2019-06-23T16:00:00Z

NOTAM: Please spawn atleast 10 minutes prior. You are responsible for your own fuel and flightplan!

Airlines & Gate Assignments

  • British Airways

  • Flybe

  • KLM

  • Swiss

  • Luxair

  • LOT Polish Airlines

Regional Gates (Full!)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
Gate 1 DH8D Flybe Edinburgh (EGPH) @Will_A
Gate 2 E190 British Airways Glasgow (EGPF) @Ecoops123
Gate 3 E190 British Airways Manchester (EGCC) @MNMarcus
Gate 4 DH8D Flybe Belfast (EGAA) @MarkusEngedal
International Gates (Full!)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
Gate 5 E190 KLM Amsterdam (EHAM) @hugo_wallin
Gate 6 E190 British Airways Berlin Tegel (EDDT) @Captain_JR
Gate 7 E170 LOT Warsaw (EPWA) @Edoardo_C
Gate 8 E190 British Airways Florence (LIRQ) @Jakub_Astary
Gate 9 DH8D Luxair Luxembourg (ELLX) @anon45500775
Gate 10 E190 LOT Warsaw (EPWA) @IFliPlanes
Gate 11 E190 KLM Amsterdam (EHAM) @Springbok777
Gate 12 E190 British Airways Prague (LKPR) @Helmethead
Gate 13 E190 British Airways Malaga (LEMG) @Harrison_Wright
Gate 14 E190 KLM Amsterdam (EHAM) @Adam_Goodman
Gate 21 A318 British Airways New York (KJFK) @GlobalFlyer1
Gate 22 A318 British Airways New York (KJFK) @JeromeJ
Gate 23 E190 British Airways Rome (LIRF) @Sashaz55
Gate 24 E190 British Airways Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) @NathanD
GA stands (Full!)

Didn’t find your favourite destination?
Well then general aviation is your friend!
You may choose any aircraft and destination below, just make sure the aircraft isn’t larger than the Citation X.

Gate Aircraft Destination Attendant
Apron 1 CCX Carroll (KDMW) @Plane-Train-TV
Apron 2 CCX New York (KJFK) @anon23647801
Apron 3 CCX Hartford (KBDL) @Alpha1Aviator
Stand 15 CCX Dusseldorf (EDDL) @Aly2120
Stand 15 TBM-930 Arriving fr. Rennes (LFRN) @HugoMorand_Airfrance

Standby Gates (CHECK OUT)

There will always be people who can’t come. So if you wanted to attend, it isn’t too late. Let me know your desired destination, airline and aircraft and I’ll put you down on a list. If someone cannot come, you will replace his/her gate.

Number Order Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
1. British Airways E190 Florence (LIRQ) @Philippe_Gilbert
2. LOT E190 Warsaw (EPWA) @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
3. KLM E190 Amsterdam (EHAM) @Luca_Arrowsmith
4. KLM E190 Amsterdam (EHAM) @TimR
5. British Airways A318 New York (KJFK) @masterkiwi
6. GA livery CCX Cologne (EDDK) @Luke_Sta
7. British Airways E190 Bergerac (LFBE) @21cabbage

Credits: Me :)

Feel free to rate my event! :)

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May I join with Gate 12, BA E190 to Prague please?

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The gate is yours, thanks for signing up!

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Could I have Gate 13 to Malaga please :)

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Can I have gate 1 to Edinburgh?

I’ll take gate 3 to Manchester

Could I have gate 24 to Palma de Mallorca

Can I have gate 10 (LOT) to Warsaw? Thanks

@Harrison_Wright @Will_A @MNMarcus @NathanD @IFliPlanes

Thanks for signing up guys!


I’ll take gate 14 please???

Can I get gate 23 please.

@Adam_Goodman Thanks for signing up on another event of mine! :)

@Sashaz55 You’re on the list, see you there!

Could I have a BA gate in an a318 to NYC, gate 22

I want this gate please

You’re on the list, thanks for signing up!

Yep of course, it’s yours.

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Can I get a gate please. Heading to EHAM in a KLM E190

Gate 11 is yours!

Awesome! Thank you.
I’ll see you there.

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Make sure to grab a gate before it is too late!