Event Etiquette For Pilots


What is Proper Event Etiquette?

Events, we all know and love events here on the IFC. They are a fun and entertaining way to get to know your fellow Aviation Enthusiasts through the art of flight sims! But sometimes events don’t always go smoothly for everybody. I thought I would discuss proper event etiquette for those of you who are new to the IFC or want to know the best way to proceed yourself in a kind and professional manner.

Rule #1

  • Always be patient. Huge events such as flyouts and FNF’s can become quite crowded. Make sure you are patient with both ATC and the pilots around you. Everybody wants to get in the air or land as much as you do and we need to be courteous of the people around us. Don’t cut in line and be rude, taxi to the end and maintain distance when on approach or flying out.

Rule #2

  • Always follow ATC instructions, no matter if you think it’s wrong or you, the ATC controller most likely has a specific route or type of approach set up. (Especially for the very huge events) they know what is best to get everybody on the ground in a good amount of time. If you are going to crash into a mountain or some other reason, it’s ok to tell ATC you can’t follow the instructions but usually, they are the ones who know best.

Rule #3

  • Follow the guidelines outlined by the event host. This one is fairly simple, if the host wants you to spawn in as a 737, don’t spawn in as an A380. If the host gives you special instructions make sure to follow them, not just blatantly ignoring their orders. This is especially important in formation flights and landing competitions as those can be very tricky to get right. Often host’s will communicate via PM/DM or some other message service, so make sure you are online and ready to listen.

Rule #4

  • Make sure you come prepared. Don’t spawn in 1 minute before the event starts, that’s not right. Make sure you spawn in at least 10-15 minutes early and have your plane configured and ready to go. Little things like this go a long way to making the event run smoother. This applies to hosts too, make sure you are ready to go so that the pilots don’t have to wait for you. You are usually the most important member there so it is crucial you are punctual and on time.

Rule #5

  • Don’t back out at the last minute. There is a certain word I use to describe people like this, but this is the IFC so I will go with rude. The host has so graciously put together this event for you to enjoy, and backing out at the last minute can be pretty disruptive. Don’t be that person. I have a calendar with all my events put in so that I don’t miss anything. (I missed one because of a family emergency). Try to join events at least 24 hours before the event starts.

Rule #6

  • Just use common sense. If a person is pushing back next to you, does it really make sense for you to push back at the same time? No! Just wait. Follow all the professional procedures you can and make sure you are a well prepared and courteous pilot. Nobody likes it when somebody pushes back into their aircraft.

Vocab And Terms

Etiquette - The code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other
FNF - AKA Friday Night Flights, these events are always popular amongst the community and are some of the most attended events around.
ATC - ATC controlls the sky around the event and makes sure that the event goes as planned without any incidents. They are like traffic lights at an intersection, very important.
Host - The organizer and leader of an event, the host is the most important person at the event. Make sure to follow their guidelines.
Spawn - Entering the game after finishing loading.
IFC - AKA The Infinite Flight Community.
PM/DM - Private Messages/Direct Messages that can be recieved and sent via the Infinite Flight Community.

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It’s time the IFC gets this! Thank you!


Not sure about editing this one, but planning is key. Don’t just join events on the same day. That’s just wrong. Pick one that fits you and not join the other one.


Great tutrioial! We always help each other and learn from other.


Can we get this pinned? Lovely topic!


Idk, ask Misha or another Mod. Maybe in the #live:events?


I like what you say in this article. For example, this pilot cut in line through the grass and eventually got ghosted. I caught it instantly when I saw him cut through grass and practically merge with another aircraft.


Very good explication Darpan, I run events often and I find it annoying when people don’t show, or don’t listen or troll ATC! Thanks!


Thanks! I really appreciate it.


This is common sense. I wish we didn’t have to create a tutorial for it. Thank you so much.


No problem, mostly for new pilots who are new to the community and groupflying.


Remember whenever you host an event, here’s a general guideline: When 10 people sign up, expect only 5 to turn up. (This is true for 99.9% of events)


😂 great topic mate. Going to admit I was guilty yesterday of spawning at an airport doing an event and was in a completely different plane 😂 after a minute of two I decided it was best to leave 😂 😂


Hey I’ve only been on IF for a few months now and I’m wondering how do I join events or find them?


Take a look in the #live:events category. You will find a multitude of events!


I have been on here for a few months and I love how this was explained, especially during the fnf where the atis CLEARLY states to expect long taxi times, it drives me nuts watching people cut in line and just take off after spawning


This is a very well explained topic Darpan. I think we need to get this pinned!


Thanks! Maybe ask a mod?