[event completed] TNCM Flyout! @ TNCM - 101900ZNOV18

A Flyout at Princess Juliana Airport!

Photo by me.

Server: Training

Airport: TNCM

Time: November 10, 2018 8:00 PM

NOTAM: Stay Professional, have fun, no Escorts Allowed, no unotherized ATC operations

This is a Flyout type event, so a route will be assigned to you, and a gate, to sign up to this event, state what gate and route you want and a Callsign, thanks!

Note: gates are in that order, it may seem odd though.


Gate B03: Delta B757-200 to ATL: @Sean_Green

Gate B04: AA A320 to KCLT: @anon87102400

Gate B01: KLM 747-400 to EHAM: @Cwilliams21 and @Darpan

Gate A01: Carriban 737-800 to MKJP: @Captain_Finck

Gate A02: Air France 777-200ER to LFPG: @Plane-Train-TV

Gate A03:Spirit Airlines A320 to KFLL: @Kjax_tv

Gate A04: United Airlines 737-800 to KEWR: @Dillion_Talks

Gate B04: West-jet 737-700 to CYYZ: @Aiden_Hindmarsh

Gate B05: JetBlue A320 to KBOS: @Kaj

Gate C01: DHL 757-200 to TAPA: @Kaseng_Cheng_Rangel

Gate C02: FedEx Feeder C208 to TJSJ: @anon11948201

Gate C03: Air Sunshine C208 to TQPF: @Thomasie Gate C04:

CRJ200 to TNCA - @cbrooks531

More flights can be added if needed

SXM Ground: @Alboma
SXM Tower: @Alboma
SXM Departure: @Darpan

Pilots: use runway 10 for takeoffs, make sure to practice beforehand, it’s a difficult departure, but a fun one.

If you have any issues or questions, ask away!
Please keep this topic on “watching” to get updates on any changes.

Topic is a wiki so that regulars can add themselves in!

@schyllberg yes I am ready to post it this time.


I will try and make it so I’ll ad myself as Gate CO2 FedEX Feeder

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Nice event Ill grab the JetBlue a320 route .If you want me to I can make the photo more spiffy not to say it doesn’t look good you did a good job on it.

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Just added you!

Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it

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If you wann help on the photo that would be nice, but you don’t need to

I will add you!

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Thanks! Skys

No problem, I’m glad to have people join!

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Is it possible for me to use a 757 for gate B03?

Sure, if you wanna add yourself in and swap the Aircraft, go ahead!

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spirit to FLL at gate A03 Please

Sure, thanks for coming!

thanks I really wanted FLL for my home airport yay!!!

Nice to see your flying to your home airport!

Boston is mind!

Wow, two people flying to their home airport! Amazing!

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looking forward to it putting on my canendar

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I will take the KLM 747 to EHAM

Nice, I knew that would be a popular route, thanks for coming!

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All good thanks for giving me something to do this Remembrance Day (Australia and New Zealand only)