Event ATC

Hello! I was wondering if I was able to get ATC for my event in roughly 1¹/² weeks, it is just that I stumbled across an issue that I wanted to host this on the expert server. It would be great to know who is available. Thanks!

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We do not schedule events/ATC on expert. If you want to make a request the day before we can see what we can do. Someone requested Sydney last week and we were able to accommodate it


Ah, alrighty. Thanks for the advice Tom! Mods, you can go ahead and close this now.

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It helps to specifically tag the @moderators if you are trying to gain their attention to close something

That’s actually false - the moderators aren’t getting a notification if you tag them like you did. Flag the main post instead. :)

It works both ways. I wasn’t wrong. Flagging generates a pm to all of the moderators and a notification. Tagging just generates a notification

Tagging us via that specific tag doesn’t send a notification to us. It only works when a moderator uses the tag.

Flagging is your best bet. :)