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Hey Guys I Want To Host An Event To Pay Tribute To Queen Elizabeth, So I want To Fly In Formation In The F-18 Saying 70 ( I do not know if I’m allowed to host events like this so please don’t tax me.) Message Me Or Comment If Interested.

Hey man, I had a look and at the moment you are only TL1, and unfortunately you need to be TL2 to create an event. I would recommend trying to find someone on the IFC who is TL2 so they can help you post the event in the #live:events category.

Well if so can anyone who’s TL2 help me arrange this?

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This sounds kinda like what you’re looking for. Just not in F-18s.


In order to set up events you must be Trust Level 2. In order to be TL2 You have to be active on the IFC (don’t spam though). You can read about trust levels here:
You’re currently TL1. When you reach TL2 you can set up an event in #live:events. You can read about that category here:

Or you could follow what @starz said and visit Queen Fly By Flight Over RAF Brize Norton

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