Event at KLAX?

Is there an event at KLAX on expert? It appears so, and I don’t want to spawn and get ghosted.

IFPHG has an event currently to LAX from KSFO. Hope this answered your question.

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IFATC is not currently at KLAX, so there will be no ghosting.

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Ah, uff!!!

Sorry im paranoid lol

I think you can just spawn in and just fly away from their fpl, eg around their path
Just behave professionally and don’t spawn in their territory and instead spawn at a remote stand and takeoff from a diff rw


That’s us! IFPHG or not me but they did I couldn’t make it But yea it was SFO to LAX with 747SCA

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That’s us. We did a NASA Boeing 747 SCA flight From KSFO to KLAX.

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You a VA???

Nope just a A group/Team

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