Event at Copenhagen

The approaches today at Copenhagen were really poor. I felt like I was on the casual server, with people cutting in front of others and landing while another aircraft was still on the active runway. RIP to the two IFATC controllers who came and went attempting to untangle the madness.

Unfortunately this happens on Expert when there is no controller in sight to lay down the law. This isn’t a issue where only Training Server & Casual server faces.

Props to the controller who went in to control the situation.

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You cant blame the ATC in my opinion. It is ferry hard in this high traffic flow to get eferything run smooth.

Not sure if this was a stream train, but this is why I don’t like them.

#CallMeBrutallyHonest #TruthHurts


RIP Indeed. If you’re going to be part of such a long group flight, you (the pilot) need to learn to be considerate of others and space yourselves out accordingly.