Event airport ideas

Hello community!

I’ve seen enough topics regarding ideas for events, so I’ll make one myself to be part of them. 🙄 (That’s me, getting involved whilst being a pain, I know… And likes to be sarcastic to everything…)

Anyway, I like planning, literally, from just looking at Flightradar24 and making databases of flights I wan to do, to just looking at stations I’ll pass when I go on a train to Birmingham…

Back on whatever topic this is… Oh yes! So over the course of how many months, I want to get more into the world of hosting events. I will most likely host them on a saturday between 1900Z and 2300Z (Or more suited to the in-game day-time).

I ideally want to host a couple events at Class Bravo (basically relatively large International) airports across all the continents except Antarctica, so we can explore the world and the liveries that has been brought to us by the developers (thanks for all you’ve done! 👋).

I got inspired by the recent ATC schedule based on anywhere in the world, I got to explore some fabulous and unique places which I’ll definitely return to, of which some I have already!

If you can give me some airport ICAO’s that you’d like to see have some traffic in, then please be more than welcome to leave your answers down below! This can be from your home airport to one somewhere in China! I’ll most likely ask this to be closed once I think I have some good answers and enough data to start working on, or if it gets completely off-topic (please don’t do that!)

I ask if you can just meet the airport/s you’d like to see with these requirements below (I feel too demanding here 😅):

  • Offer 5+ International routes.
  • Offer 10+ regional routes.
  • Offers some cargo gates/aprons.
  • Has an area dedicated to GA (can be just Jets)

  • It’s entirely up to you, I’ll probably get around 10-15 ideas and decide which ones to keep, or disregard. These tags are more for personal reference.

For those wondering how I make events, I use 2 devices, one on Flightradar24 and Google, and the other one on Infinite Flight. I make it in stages, going like this:
0. Not started yet.

  1. Researching; (I begin researching airport details, airlines, routes, and charts.)
  2. Writing; (I write down the gates and plan them out to what route.)
  3. Typing; (I type it up with the event details on the IFC in a PM.)
  4. Reviewing. (I add some close friends here on the IFC, that let me know of any obvious mistakes, or advice. The events will also be reviewed by the member who requested the airport before posting. Also a time amd date is organized.)
  5. Public! (The event goes public and starts recruiting.)

My List:

The smaller flyouts list:

I’m trying to get them all to Stage 1 at the moment 😃. I just became IFATC on Nov 1st so I’m playing around with that a bit first 😉


Geneva would be nice :)

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It has some GA stands. But Belgium isn’t very big, so no regional routes I’m afraid.

Or Liège, another airport in Belgium which has a lot of cargo routes. It has routes with the McDonnell Douglas, B777 ,…


Madrid and Rome seem like good candidates for the flyout maybe?

Give the balkans some love!

My priority choices:

  • Niš Konstatine the Great Airport
  • Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

They’re both from my country 😏

An event there would be awesome!

Given that being your country, I smell bias.
Not that they are bad

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Yep, I am biased. Considering its a very unknown place, it would be a great place for an event to get it busy!

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Can the international routes be cargo?

If so, a good airport that fits to all your requirements is Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (PANC).

If not, another airport that fits your requirements and isn’t used often can be San Juan Airport (TJSJ).

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I suggest LOWW. It operates A-380s,got 2 runways and a lot of regional and international routes in Europe. The alps are only 1 hour of flight away

dublin great access to europe

I love all the airports I’ve seen from you so far!

Here’s my opinion on them all:

We’ve recently had Geneva in the schedule, but I’ll definitely consider this!

This is just across the pond (English Channel) for me, it hosts loads of routes around Europe! (That’s what I meant by regional, I forgot the term 😂). This also hosts several cargo and International routes! I only wish we had Cityjet in-game. This is a definite!

I flew into Rome the other day, I’m not a fan of the airport layout, but this would be good for Alitalia!

  • LYNI - Too small 😥
  • LYBE - Doesn’t host any long haul routes, and sadly because no one really knows it, it won’t get much attention. I’ll think of this as a small event though!

😂 Well I said that you could reccomend your local airports. 🤷‍♂️ The whole point of my events are to explore airprots outside of where we usually fly.

I attended a foyout for this yesterday, so my attention isn’t on this for a while :)

Does host International cargo routes? I’ve seen this loads in the IFATC schedule, if I consider this, I’ll research some info on the flights!

Good old Vienna. Everyone will be fighting for Innsbruck 😂. I remember seeing this (and LOWI) into schedule ages ago, everyone loved it!

Only problem is that there’s gonna be a lot of Swiss A319/A321’s and Generic 777’s

With there being no A220, and no Austrian 777 😥.

I’ve seen a LOAD of attention to Dublin recently, both in events, VA’s, and IFATC. I’ll give this airport a rest for now 😉.

Love all the ideas above! More like them! More more more!!! 😂


Minneapolis for sure, KMSP has just been rebuilt from the ground up last airport update.

It does!

To New York, and to China.
But I see what you mean :)

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What about PHKO?

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Ok, I’ll need more info on that…

Right after it being in the IFATC schedule for a week, perfect… 😂🙄.

That would be a LOT of DLVA flights!

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What about Edinburgh?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Would you like more info? I can give you some articles ;)

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PHKO sounds good-ish, it would probably be a small event, but landing in the 717 is my worst nightmare!!! 😂

Ooh I flew into Edinburgh yesterday from Frankfurt! Beautiful approach from the East!

Also hosts a lot of Internationals, yes I’d love to see this!

Too many replies!!! 😍🥵

Sure! If you can just find me some information on those flights (and PM me), I’d be more than happy to look into a small fly out!

*Sees Vancouver, I’M IN!!!

Good suggestion!

Not that I don’t like it!!! I’m overall not a fan of the 717, and don’t think it would get too much attention, I’ll put this into a smaller flyout list though!

The larger airports with more predicted attention I’ll make at a later date, however smaller = earlier.

As mentioned by @infiniteflight_schoo it does get some fair attention, but not as much as Dubai and would love to see some regional routes in the Qatari A320’s!

I need to start a new reply thread/post, otherwise you’ll never find my reply to you 😂


Hey how about;

  • OTHH (Doha)
  • EDDF (Frankfurt)

Brisbane Airport in Australia (YBBN). It’s a big airport with multiple international routes to Asia and America but also offers many regional routes to explore the outback or coastal regions of Australia.

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