Evening Spotting @ Chicago O'Hare // Aug 29, 2020

Today my parents were kind enough to take me spotting at the magnificent Chicago O’Hare! So today I spotted in two places. One was the main parking garage, which didn’t have the best views, but I got some decent shots. Don’t flame me. The second spot was my normal, the Metra Station, which never disappoints. Now sit back and hopefully you enjoy!

United 777 coming in from Denver (taken at parking garage)

An Etihad 787 from Abu Dhabi w the infamous ORD light pole

An AA 787 slowing down from DFW

An unscheduled China Cargo arriving on 28C

And last from the garage is an EI A330 from Dublin (@Marc_Gallagher I think youd like this :) )

A UA 757 cruisin in from Denver

Air France A330 on final after a long flight from CDG

Aerologic 77F landing from FRA

Atlas Air 747 from ANC

Emirates 777 in from DXB

I hope you guys enjoyed, and I know the parking garage shots were not good. I thought they were cool to share though!


Nice photos. I was supposed to go today and catch the BA A350


Nice pictures. Always been my dream to fly to ORD. I mostly do it on I.F but in real life I just wanna do the approach that goes over the city.


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Omggggg. That’s so worth it. Come in over the lake 😍😍😍

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I caught a BA 787 today. It was parked at the hard stand though so I took pics w my phone

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I’m a simple man. I see Aer Lingus, I like

Yessir. I haven’t seen an EI there yet so I was mainly there to spot that!

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Beautiful photos I was there as well

Nice photos I was also there but I was watching departures on 28R

where were you guys at?

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I was by the ILS towers for 10C


Same I was there at the same spot just around 5 pm and then I headed over to the Chicago Dogs game right in between 28R and 27L I had a good view of the 28C arrivals. Nothing much on 27L or 27R


But York RD where the ILS towers are for 10C is my go to spot

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