Evening Spotting at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (Air Force Two)

I hope you enjoy the pictures I take, as I love sharing them with you all! Today was a special day. Vice President Mike Pence showed up (I don’t like him), and with it he flew on C-32A, a Modified Boeing 757-200.
We got lucky, they only blocked off half the Museum Lot due to an event that occured at the Museum.

Disclaimer: I filmed most of the arrivals and departures, so I am sorry if I lack photos this time. Air Force Two pictures are screenshots of video I took due to it being too dark to take pictures.

Beautiful Afternoon when I arrived, and I snapped a picture of this nice Southwest 738 taxiing to the gate

Nice view of the tower and terminal. Same Southwest 738 at the gate

C-17 Globemaster III “Dover” sitting in front of Boeing C-32A


I saw this truck on Monday. Not sure what it is.

What a nice Sunset

First widebody of the day. A FedEx B763F arriving from Memphis

A Delta Connection CRJ200 about to take off

FedEx Express: The World On Time

Second Widebody of the day (And last), A UPS A310F On final

The Sun is now setting. I am hoping to catch a VIP plane takeoff before it gets dark

A Small Private jet taxiing for takeoff

Policed blocked this intersection, and all the cars were waiting

As time passed, A UPS 752F landed, and then the Motorcade came after it landed. It was such an awesome sight seeing it. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the motorcade do to how fast they were moving. This is also the point where it got too dark to take pictures, so I instead filmed some more.

NOTICE: These are screenshots from videos I took of AF2 due to it being too dark to actually take pictures. I hope you still like them though!

Air Force Two seen taxiing to the Runway

Air Force Two taking off

Thanks for taking the time to view the pictures. I wished Air Force Two took off during the daylight, but I still got some good decent videos. Thanks, and I hope you have an awesome day!


amazing pics looking great hope you enjoyed


Video Now Available

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Glad the effort was there. Ive never been but this is quite an intriguing to see … Good job

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Can you explain what you said? I’m sorry I read it and I couldn’t analyze the words you said.

Thanks for the feedback though :)

Little editing issues on my part. All fixed.

New Video has been uploaded. This includes the other airplanes, as well as Air Force Two as a bonus video at the end.

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