Evening Rush @ KORD // Aug 2nd // pt. 2

So this will be a part two for my last spotting topic. Im looking to go spotting this Friday so be on the lookout! Friday ill be trying a spot that a friend showed me. As you will tell this will be a domestic flights post so kind of boring. On my next journey I will attempt to spot the beautiful FedEx MD-11! I hope you enjoy these pictures of the evening rush at KORD!

An alright shot of a United CRJ7 in from Little Rock

Tiny AA E175 landing far away at 27R, in from Kansas City

AA A321 landing in from sunny Miami International

AeroMexico 737-8 comin in from Guatemala

United Airlines A319 in from San Diego

a UA E145 from unknown departure airport

AA A320 from beautiful DCA

Feedback would be great! I know these shots aren’t the best but hey, they are something!


That’s actually an ERJ-145. Nice shots!

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Great shots!

I know editing isn’t exactly for everyone, but you should edit your photos. At the very least, crop them so the aircraft are centered.

smh my notes are not correct

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I am going to get the next sessions pictures on my Ipad to edit :)

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The Little Rock one though 😍 Not many people get planes from tiny Arkansas

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Wonderful Shots!

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Yesss. Especially in the new livery 😍

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