Evening in Seattle-Sunset in the Bay Area

Hello IFC! I’m back with some more pictures for y’all. With most of the west coast being featured yesterday I decided to take a flight down to San Francisco with Alaska Airlines. I have nothing else to say so let’s move on to the pictures. I hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900
Flight time: 1 hour
Server: Expert

Liftin the gear up as we takeoff from Seattle

Beautiful views of Mt. Rainier as we fly by

The mountains of Redding, California

The sandy hills of Red Bluff, California

Beginning our descent as the sun reflects of our side

Banking right over the Salt Ponds of the San Francisco Bay

Droppin the gear down as we approach runway 28L

Rough touchdown as we arrive in San Francisco!

As always, please let me know your thoughts and opinions on these!


The #MoreToLove livery’s is so…so… beautiful! Great shots

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Great shots! That second one… I have no words to express how beautiful it is

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Stunning photos!
I love this plane and this livery! 🤩

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Great pictures! Always great to see someone who knows a lot about where he’s flying over:)

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Hopefully you can fly from Seattle with that plane again but instead to San Jose (SJC/KSJC)! :D

Nice pictures though

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I love the livery you used!

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Beautiful pictures with a beautiful livery!!! Nice job. Next time you can fly into Oakland (OAK/KOAK). Alaska flies 737-900s on the SEA - OAK route too!

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Thank you! It’s honestly one of my favorite liveries on the 739

Thank you very much!


Thank you :)

Thanks! Maybe next time ;)

Thanks :)

Thank you! I’ll try to fly that sometime :)


There is definitely more to love in these pictures :)

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Thanks :)