Evening from California!

Thought I’d take a spin on one of my favorite routes from before pro subscription.
Casual Server
JetBlue 2736
Airbus A320-200
Flight time: 0h 55m
1-3: Departure from KLAX

4-5: Cruise

6-10: Approach and Landing to KSFO


These are some great pictures, but the first photo does not follow the #screenshots-and-videos rules. Please read the link provided for more info

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Nice shots and great livery! You get my Seal of Approval for flying into SFO!

btw you have over 10 photos (I think 15?) and that’s not allowed, so if you remove some you should be all good :)

Nice pictures, especially with JetBlue and the mountains!

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Will do, thx for telling

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I don’t see the issue (unless he edited the message to not include it)

He did edit it :)

Ah alright

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