Evening flight VVNB - VHHH

Evening Flight from Hanoi to Hong Kong
Server: Expert
Plane Type: Vietnam Airlines 787-9
Time- Evening

This is my first photo shoot so I hope you like the photos :)

Rotation out of Hanoi

Climbing to FL350

Cruise at FL350

Starting our decent into Hong Kong

Touchdown at VHHH


Your pictures aren’t loading. Maybe try reloading them.
Also just take out the instructions on the top :)

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huh that’s weird on my screen they are and I took them out :)

Oh. Now they are loading. Veryyy slowlyyyy…

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oh goshh 😂

Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to your next posts!

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Not a huge deal, but I think this may be a typo


Yeah has anyone not noticed that vhhh is Hong Kong…

Thank you 😊

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