Evening flight from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Incheon International Airport

Flight information:
Call-Sign: VT-MJN
Aircraft: B737-900
Livery: Korean Air
Departure: Tokyo Haneda Airport (RJTT)
Arrival: Incheon International Airport (RKSI)
Flight Date: December 14, 2023
Flight time: 2 hours 17 minutes

This is probably my first flight after more than a year and it was wonderful. I wanted to try a good short haul route with ATC coverage and therefore selected a flight from Tokyo to Seoul. I took off from Tokyo at 0715 UTC time and arrived at 0933 UTC. I was initially approaching 16R but changed to 15L on tower which was quite exciting at the end of the flight.

One more thing which surprised me was the taxi command to stand or gate which was a completely new thing for me. I was endorsing alot for that feature back in 2020 and so so happy to see it implemented. Kudos Infinite Flight!

I will share some glimpse of the flight. Hope everyone enjoy the pictures.

P.S: Pictures are a bit dark as it was evening flight and didn’t wanted to edit the time much as I loved the evening/sunset flight.


Parked at Seoul, ready to commence the flight preparations.

Pushed back and about to commence taxi.

Rotating out of Tokyo. Also worth noting, quite heavy crosswinds in the evening.

Climbing to 36,00 feet while enjoying some stunning view of the sun slowly setting behind the mountain

Touchdown Seoul runway 15L.

Spotting another Korean Air B737-900 on the way to the gate.

Parked besides a very beautiful China Southern A330-300.

Thank you to the IFATC controllers for a very smooth experience. Thank you all for watching. Take care!