Evening departures out of Singapore!

Since I am bored, I thought of sharing some photos of departures out of Singapore back in June 2019. The light was perfect that day! Enjoy the photos 😁

My equipment:

  • Canon EOS 200D
  • Canon EF 70-300mm L f/4-5.6

A 17 year old Boeing 777-312 takes to the skies for a short haul to Jakarta!

My favourite shot so far! I love the light on this one.

@Vinne this one’s for you. Cathay’s 350 off to Hong Kong!

One of the 3 A320neo’s Scoot has in their fleet! There are supposed to be more coming, but not so soon, due to the current situation.

AirAsia has tons of aircraft in special livery. Here’s one of them!

Last but not least, a common sight in Singapore, the Jetstar Asia A320!

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! If you like it, feel free to check out my Instagram here

Next up I’ll be posting a series of shots from the Singapore Airshow 2020 back in February. Stay tuned!

How would you rate my shots? Feedback is always appreciated!

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Note: kindly contact me if you would like to use my shots. Please do not use them without permission. Thanks!


Absolutely stunning mate!

Looks like an A350-900 to me 👀


Yes Yes YES! Those look amazing, awesome job! The lighting is just perfect at that time of day.

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Thank you! :)

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Woops I’m sorry, I’m blind today. How did I even mix them up? 😂

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Impressive shot right there

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That Air Asia livery is… interesting.

Incredible pictures :)

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Thank you!

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Great contrast on especially on the first three. Cathay A359 livery never dissappints

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These pictures are beautiful. Great work!


Yeah, it always looks good!


Thanks :)

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Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks a lot!

I would love to go spotting to Changi, but I couldn’t due to the circuit breaker. Really awesome shots though!

Ooh you’re in Singapore too!
Singaporean here.

Yeah, spotting isn’t the most necessary now.

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Amazing shots! Just dropped you a follow on Insta 🙂

Thanks! Appreciate the follow!

Im now your 500th follower 🎉

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I will definitely give you a follow on Instagram once i get my plane spotting account back

Thank you!

Mind blowing mate!