Evening Atlanta Traffic // Virtual Spotting I

Hello all! I just recently did a virtual spotting session in Atlanta. Here are some shots I took from the different aircrafts flowing in and out of Atlanta during the late evening rush. Video is the blue link below.

Note: All callsigns were the actually callsign used in the sim for the flight.

Evening Virtual Spotting // KATL


Date: 12/16/20
Server: Expert
Location: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport 🇺🇸 (KATL)

Thanks for viewing!


wow really nice photos if only there were taxiway lights 🥺


@Lilmike Thank you and they’ll come eventually.

that would be one of the best updates to come to IF so far. Then night flights would be doable. I want to do night flights but once i land i cant see the taxiway sooo… You know how that goes. maybe itll come with the a330 who knows

Little bump for Atlanta

Nice photos

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Thank you!

Awesome Photos! I saw you over in the citation!

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Thank you! When did you see me though? I don’t recall flying the citation recently

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OH I though that was you sitting in the citation at KATL LOL. My bad!

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All good! I did just recently do a flight from ATL-CHA in a DL CRJ-900 though

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I knew I saw you somewhere! Anyways I loved the photos, cant wait to see what you do next!

Have a good day!

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