Evening at PDK

This past weekend, I went back to Peachtree-Dekalb Airport in Chamblee, Georgia for some sunset pictures. Due to winter coming, the sunset was very early at only 6:50 pm EST. Hope you enjoy these photos! Some may be grainy due to the ISO. Sorry.

A very interesting #N409JA and serial number JAESC255.

A very nice 1999 WACO CLASSIC AIRCRAFT YMF-F5C doing some tours late at night.

The same aircraft the other day.

A nice 2000 GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE G-IV taxiing.

Now this is just badass. (Sorry for the grainy quality)

A Bombardier Challenger 300 taxiing after landing from the bahamas. (Again sorry for the quality)

A 1999 Raytheon Aircraft Company 400A with a very interesting registration tail #.

These images may be lower quality due to this not being a photo day for me. My main focus was to take videos, and I may create a youtube video for that, but here are some photos that I loved!


I like the livery

That is what struck me. As well as the see through door.

Wow awesone shots

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Glad you enjoyed them!

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