Evening arrivals🌆

Expert server 7:30pm MPTO-SKCG

Arrived😁📍follow me on Instagram infinite_flight101🤝


I like these photos and seems like a great flight; however, you do still need to wait ~4 more hours before you can repost in #screenshots-and-videos.

Remember there is a 24-hour time period that you must wait before you can repost, this can be found in the rules of #screenshots-and-videos.


Man behind you never heard of a go around


What did he say and also me too explain to you follow in rules no more than one topic per day to expect 24 hours limited just leave up the future post at IFC, remember?

We was together

A reply or at least acknowledgement of the people reminding you of the rules would be appreciated.


Is that another rule to reply?

As you are flying in the expert server you should respect the rules. If there’s an aircraft on the runway after you cross the runway threshold you MUST go around. With that many other common sense rules. Expert is not Casual.

Even if you are flying together with civil aircraft, security distances should be respected. I believe it’s only allowed to land together on a military formation flight.

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Am I able to control the person behind me? No so what you on about lad

Although he was with you, planes don’t land at the same time. That’s not safe and if there was ATC there, he would have probably been issued a violation.

Okay cool so go complain to him not me tf

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If were talking about the landing thing only, he has a point(@Infinite_flight101 , It’s the person job from the back to go around as the person in front should only be worrying about what’s in front of him, not behind him. Plus, your focused on landing, how would you know? (rhetorical question)

Anyways, nice photos. I like the first one the most.

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Oh sorry. He had a visible nickname?

If you were together, wouldn’t you have had a form of communication, to determine the altitude, etc?

The reason why it is not safe to land on the runway is because if the plane landing fails to stop fast, that could result in a collision.

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Eventually if this continues mods are going have to close the topic so just move on with life instead of arguing.

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Yes, let’s move on.


Beautiful screenshots though :)

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The landing was perfect on my side landed on the centre line and slowed to 10knots at the perfect distance if it bothers you that much I’ll give you the other persons details

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I don’t want to get involved any further.

These are beautiful screenshots, and I hope you had a great flight! Have a great day :)