Evening Airside Tour | Zürich (LSZH) | 12th September, 2020

Hello IFC!

A week ago, on the 12th of September, @Chris_Wing and I went on an airside tour of Zürich airport. Alongside with other spotters and aviation enthusiasts, we were allowed to get within meters of some aircraft and we got to experience and see some very cool things due to the pandemic. Overall, the tour was spectacular and well worth the money.

Our first stop was runway 28. We got to see a couple of aircraft taxi past and just minutes later, depart and climb into the air.

There wasn’t too much action at runway 28 and we therefore decided to head down to the Whiskey stands which are located in the southern part of the airport, right next to the maintenance hangars.
Here you can see ‘Oskar Hotel’ (HB-IOH) still wrapped up out of service. Some of SWISS’ older -100 variants of the A321 aren’t in service and are still being stored.

‘Delta Alpha’ (HB-JDA) just catching the last sunrays before darkness settles in. This aircraft was the first A320neo delivered to SWISS in February, 2020. Check out the delivery flight here!

Now with sun fading, we headed over to two heavy stands located in the western part. There, an Edelweiss A340-343 was waiting to be pushed and towed to its gate. We were allowed to see the entire process from just meters away!

After the A340 had been towed away, we jumped back on the bus and headed over to dock E which is were most long haul flights park at. We had the opportunity to photograph two SWISS B777-300ERs, one of which was preparing for a flight to Dubai. Night time photography was something that I’d never done before, but I read a few tutorials on various websites and I was pleased with the results. I didn’t have a tripod with me, so I had to improvise by using my camera’s strap as a stabiliser.

All good things must come to an end - Afterwards, we headed back to where the tour began and made our way home. There are some pictures that I’d like to share, but due to the 10 pictures per topic limit, it isn’t possible.

Thank you for viewing my pictures and have a splendid day!


Looks good Nick🤩👌

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Amazing photos!

Absolutely fantastic pictures! Zurich is such a cool place and also really planespotter friendly. Great topic, thanks for sharing!

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Wow that A321 shot is fantastic! 😮

Great photos Nick! Such a cool perspective seeing these aircraft from the ramp!

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I thought this was an Air Greenland A340 at first but their only widebody is a singular A330 so that couldn’t be possible😂

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woahh amazing pictures i’ll be over there October 6th hahaha

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Thank you all for the kind words! I really appreciate it!


Nice night shots Nick. Also, good job on nighttime shots, you’ve chosen basically the best strategy for nighttime shots without tripod (for wide angle lens at least). I’ve used it in the past and after a while was able to pull off 1 second exposure times on 14-24mm lens, which is pretty good I’ll say for a handheld ;)

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