Evening A350 Landing in Colombo

Well I haven’t been to south India or Sri Lanka that much since I like to participate in ATC Schedule or do my own flights and so FNF Choose this place but I chose Colombo since most people did too


8:29 (originally 7:30 but I kinda circled since I overslept lol)
Airbus A350-900

I’ve gotten around 60-50 fpm during that landing

Both heading towards gates

Other airlines that have landed or getting ready

A Sri Lankan A330 taken off to whatever it is


Very nice photos, especially the second one ! * — *

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Yep thanks a lot

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Those photos are 💥

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Thanks mate! :D

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Great job on these👏

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Thank you been good at editing lately with Adobe Lightroom and google

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Also thing I only circled a few times over Colombo then I was in approach some dude was diving cutting in line at least he got to go around by ATC and around that time it’s when it gets busy even on 4am est

love the third photo

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Thanks a lot!