Even more epicness

1) I just wanted to do some more

2) Training server, long story…

Just take them and run


Acrobatic maneuvers and other activities like these are usually recommended for the Casual Server, where no rules are enforced.


I would love one day hear from you requesting permission to low pass on the runway, just saying 🫶🏻


Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full ;D

For those of you uneducated people, that’s a quote from the original Top Gun movie! Now you know where that’s from if you ever hear it.


I do know the reference hahaha… that’s why I did the offer.

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Nice. Sometimes humor just has a way of working out, ya know?

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Always brotha

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lol yea, they need a button for that, Expert server… ATC banned me cause i couldnt say it

Hahaha like a Easter egg at least, but for now… if you contact a controller via dm on the IFC or discord, you can get a chance of giving you permission depending on the circumstances.

yea, i cant, my chromebook was charging

oh men :((((

Nice one man!!!

lol, whats wrong?

thanks! i will have one every two days

@here i just made a training program, I will bedoing these maybe like twice every year, who knows, but right now its for the A-10
I may do a stunt program with the F/A-18E later

??? please quote