Even more down unda | One of the worlds longest flights

Hi guys, join me and @ZinZowe on a reflection from our trip from New Zealand to Doha with the new B77L in the Qatar livery. And stick around a while, I mean this is the closest you are gonna get to traveling.

1) let’s start off with Qatar airways boarding. The cargo and passengers are being loaded on as we speak!

2) Takeoff roll is such a beautiful thing. It’s like a roller coaster. Me, taking off while @ZinZowe waits.

3) The new interior drone cam. Isn’t that engine a beautiful beast! Roar 🐯

4) As the passengers are sleeping on this 17 hour journey up north, the moon is out and about.

5) @ZinZowe had a bit of a different approach so I let him SAFELY pass overhead.

6) Ooooooh look at the pink in the sky!!

7) @ZinZowe taxing it make a turn after a landing ain’t the glow just lovely.

8) And 17 whopping hours later, we have made it to Doha. Or 8016nm later.

By all means please leave any feedback. Hopefully @Suhas gets jealous and drolly.

@ZinZowe’s photo:

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Edited: Snapseed
Watermark: Procreate
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Probably the longest flight I’ve ever been on 😂

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I wouldn’t say that’s the nicest thing to put in someone’s topic but ok,

A lot of people now edit like this. And it was a joke, Suhas will always remain the king of the #screenshots-and-videos category. Please just enjoy the photos.

I also forgot that @ItsBlitz and some other IFC members, @infiniteflight_17 and @Infiniteflightusa also did this flight 1 hour before us!

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