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Ladies and gentlemen, the CEO and the crew of the VA welcome you onboard the brand new IFVARB certified Evelop Virtual Airlines! Traveling all over the world while serving 20 destinations with a fleet of more than 8 aircraft, we are now able to fly even higher while creating a new experience for every infinite flight pilot! Every part of the VA is specially designed and user-friendly to accept everyone and of course to have fun! And with more expansion to come, the lift is getting stronger and stronger!

Evelop is a charter Virtual Airline, operating flights and virtual operations via the Infinite Flight simulator. Founded in May 2021, approved by the IFVARB in August same year and certified just a few days ago! Based on that, our company is now ready to hire and accept new crew while expanding more and more in various stuff. Also, the easy to use system of the Virtual Airline is now ready to start operations!

Meet our birds!
Aircraft Capacity Range Current situation
A320 170 p. 3.300 NM active
A333 250p. 6.350 NM active
A339 260 p. 7.200NM active
A359 320 p. 8.100 NM active
BCS3 (A220-300) 150 p. 3.409 NM on order

Our airline has in total 20 destinations, served by 40 routes all around the world. You can visit our route network by pressing the link Airtable - EVE route network
Also our pilots have the ability to fly charter unscheduled routes to almost every place in the world!

Every flight has a destination. What about us? Where do we fly to? Well, same as every other virtual airline, our destination - target is to create a likable environment for our crew while watching them having fun and enjoying the state with our VA!

Our airline system consists five pilot ranks. Every rank has a specific requirement which pilots need to achieve in order to operate flights depending on the specific level.

Rank number Name Hours required Notes
1 Cadet 0 Only selected flights
2 Second officer 10 Selected VA and codeshare routes
3 First officer. 50 All VA flights and selected codeshares
4 Captain 100 All VA flights and codeshares
5 Certified captain 150 Test required

Also our virtual airline offers a new feature, a bonus awards club. This club can be accessed by all pilots by connecting in the dedicated site.

Our crew center is now ready! The base was created by the developer VA- host

We have signed partnerships and codeshare routes with the following airlines:





We welcome you to fly with us, explore new places, meet new infinite flight pilots and live the best virtual flying experience. Come, join, fly!!!

  • You should be at least 13 years old to join the airline.

  • You must have a valid IFC account.

  • Access to discord is strongly recommended.

  • Your account must not be contained in the IFVARB watching nor blacklist.

  • Your grade must be at least grade 2 (training server).

  • You should be at least 13 years old to join the airline.

Evelop Virtual Airlines is not affiliated or sponsored by the real airline evelop or Iberojet.


Congratulations Evelop VA on approval! Great to see new VAs joining the community!

Muhammad A. (HappyDays)
Founder & CEO of LOT Virtual


Thank you Mister! Much appreciated:)

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Congratulations on approval the VA looks great!

Thank you!

Congrats on your approval, maybe we will partner one day 👀
Future CEO


No problem! Can’t wait to sign!

Nice thread, congratulations on your approval! I wish VA all the best!

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Congratulations on approval!

- CEO of the Virtual Air Tigers @anon99275236 -


Thank you:)

Much appreciated!!

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Awesome thread and just applied 😊

This is a very nice Va thread!

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Nicee!!! Thank you

well done on approval and it’s a very good va thread!


Future CEO of Pacifica VA (still setting up)

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Congratulations and welcome🤗


Congrats! I’ll be applying so be ready ;)


don’t worry I won’t be ready

Congratulations on the approval! Nice looking thread!

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