Evelop Airlines Airbus A330-200

Evelop Airlines, is a Spanish charter airline that operates all around the Iberian peninsula (Spain & Portugal) on behalf of tour operators. They do short, medium, and long haul routes, and are based out of the capitals Madrid, and Libson.

I think that this livery should be added, because it is something different than the plain Euro-White scheme. It has a lot of colors implemented to its fleet. And makes designs that you wouldn’t find on most airlines. But this is what YOU think, so do ya like? 🤷‍♂️


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Want to fly on Evelop Air, or see reviews on the airline? I’ll post them here too!


Enevlop Airlines’s website: https://www.evelop.com/

Cool livery! It is interesting to see one in Dublin Airport. :)

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Yes, and that’s cool!

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Have to say I like the A359 one better because of the mask. Still a nice livery, though!

btw, always looks better if you vote for your own request :)

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It’s operating for Norwegian they replaced out the 787-9 sorry I am out of votes nice topic tough.👍🏻


Looks amazing, sweet paint job ( with a lot of blue!) got my vote!

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I would vote, but I don’t have any myself. 😅

Thank you, and I hope to see this in the future!

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Definitely voting on this one
Saw this livery at MMUN a few months ago

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Awesome, and thanks for the vote! 🙏

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