Evacuation Trips

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Had Anyone tried to do an evacuation trip from ZHHH the center of the Coronavirus.

Many countries evacuated their people from Wuhan during the last 10 days.

Below are some pictures from the incident.

I personally doing now ZHHH-OJAI
they have done this evacuation trip last week with the Royal Jordanian 787-8


I don’t understand what you are getting at bud? Would you mind explaining a bit more?


I think what he’s saying is has anyone copied the flights being used to evacuate a country’s citizens from China, in IF, and that a recent one was on a Royal Jordanian Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.


That is exactly what he is saying. I am calculating the route for the Kalitta Air Evacuation flight.
Here is the link to the ZHHH to PANC flight.

And then here is the one from PANC to KRIV.

Happy flying!

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I might do Canada’s evacuation starting Thursday

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I might do The Netherlands’ evacuation.

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I might do China’s evacuation. Hopefully a solution is found quickly, and as much as I want to make a joke about world population, this is a serious matter that could affect any one of us. My solution is to only eat chocolate bars and super noodles fresh out the packet whilst playing Infinite Flight 24/7. As much as I’d actually love to do that, I need to live my life… It’s been a hard week. 😴


Were taking the flight only from the evacuation process.

Many carriers had visited Wuhan during the last 10 days that never landed in Wuhan.
Some carriers do not operate any flight to all China

It would be nice to do the same flights each one to his desirable destination.
But try to have the same aircraft and route

Just Landed in OJAI with severe weather conditions visibility 0SM



Oh wow looks like you are pretty good at instrument landing

CAT III landing

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