Evacuating Reagan | 18DEC22

Hai everyone!

This is my first event in the East Coast of the USA! Simply put, we will just fly out of Reagan National Airport!

Here are the general rules

  • Please use Unicom (traffic) correctly if ATC is not available
  • Follow ALL ATC instructions
  • Please follow the rules of expert server
  • Have fun but safely

This will take place on expert server (obviously).

Considering that KDCA hosts domestic flights only, here are some routes I would recommend.

DCA - MIA | 2-3 hours

DCA - DAL | ~3 hours.

DCA - LGA | ~1 hour 30 minutes

There are no gate assignments , although feel free to spawn at a desired gate with friends if you would like.

If you are going, please simply click “Going”. If you have interest, click “Interested” and if you sadly can’t go or if the timing is not right, click “Not Going”

This time, I could join my own event as my return flight from Seattle will land just 2 hours before unlike my Bangkok event which you can find here: OUT of Bangkok | 17DEC22

Also feel free to sponsor events with yours!

Hope you can join!



Feel free to discuss and ask questions in the replies section here!

Do you mind bumping the event back 2 hours please… so dmv players can participate :)

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If course, do you still want it to end at the same time?

Should I request a gate?

No. As I mentioned above,

so find any gate you want :)

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Bumping, we can have a bunch more sign ups.

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