Evacuating Citizens from India! on 021030ZMAY20 @VIDP[Only 8 Gates Remaining!]

Sure I will

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plz signup me in T3 Gate A14,my callsign is Cathay0528,thx!

Sure I shall.

b20L to kathmandu please.

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Callsign pls. Also signed you up :) @Mervin_Sui

mine is aiva011.

sure i have added ur callsign

T3Gate B17 Air India B788 To Zurich
Hello can i get this gate?

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Sure @robin0012, pls tell ur callsign

Air India 7703

K @robin0012, btw nice profile pic

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Thank you this will be my first event yet


@anon36354988 noticed you liked robin’s post there. Do you wanna attend?

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I would like to, but unfortunately, I can’t.
I wish y’all pleasant flights !
I was just liking some comments.

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Lemme get dis one

Actually nvm sorry, that’s at 5:30am for me

@MJMN @robin0012 @Anajeet @Karin_Wong @Uan @Sierra_Golf , can we postpone the event by an hour?

I am fine with that brother.

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No problem…

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We still need 2 more votes. And I was hoping if @Pajd02 or @ran can make it with a 1 hour delay.

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