Evacuating Citizens from India! on 021030ZMAY20 @VIDP[Only 8 Gates Remaining!]

As we all know COVID-19 has widely affected and led to the closure of various domestic and international flight routes. As a result of the 6 week lockdown in India major countries and their respective flag carriers have begun airlift of foreign citizens stranded in India. This event, shall focus on that. The major airline conducting evacuation of foreign citizens is Air India, however, there are other major carriers such as Delta, Lufthansa, Air New Zealand,Sri Lankan Airlines, British Airways and Air Arabia which are carrying out repatriation flights across the Indian subcontinent. For this event we will solely be focusing on Delhi which has evcauated more than 4000 americans, and has daily flights which are repartriating Swedes, Brits, Sri Lankans with flights to New Zealand also being scheduled.

With this in mind I have decided to launch an event which details the evacuation flights currently being flown to various countries from India.

International Airlines Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Callsign
T3 Gate A14 Cathay Pacific B744 To Hong Kong @Karin_Wong Cathay0528
T3 Gate A12 Singapore Airlines A350 To Singapore @Anajeet Singapore 3003
T3 Gate A10 Air Canada B789 To Toronto @Pajd02
T3 Gate A08 Emiratss B77W To Dubai @captARK Emirates 464
T3 Gate A06 Singapore Airlines B777-300 To Singapore @Akshay_sai Singapore 95
T3 Gate A13 Finnair A350 To Helsinki @mark.gregor.jaaska FIN101
T3 Gate A11 ANA B78X To Tokyo
T3 Gate A09 British Airways B744 To London
T3 Gate A07 Air New Zealand B787 To Auckland @Muhammad_Fachry ANZ1959
T3 Gate A05 SAS A330 To Stockholm
T3 Gate A03 Delta B777 To San Francisco
T3 Gate A01 Sri Lankan A350 to Sri Lanka @Fish Srilankan 783
Air India Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft destination pilot Callsign
T3 Gate B15 Air India B772 To Amsterdam @Uan Air India 1778
T3Gate B17 Air India B788 To Zurich @robin0012 Air India 7703
T3 Gate B19L Air India A321 To Paro,Bhutan @Sierra_Golf Air India 090
T3 Gate B19 Air India B788 To Sydney @Louis Air India 24
T3 Gate B21 Air India B788 To Madrid
T3 Gate B18L Air India A321 To Dhaka @Deval_Surana AIVA066
T3 Gate B20L Air India A321 To Kathmandu @MJMN AIVA011
T3 Gate B20 Air India B772 To Rome @Pilots_Aryan
T3 Gate B22 Air India B788 To Lisbon
T3 Gate B24 Air India B772 To Kiev
T3 Gate B26 Air India B772 To Paris

NOTAMS: Ghosting may be enforced if IFATC present. In case of unrealistic behaviour and not following event instructions, you will be reported to mods. 24 hours before event begins, PM shall be created detailing various pushback and taxi times. Urge you to spawn at 0915Z.
Charts to be used during Taxi and RWYS in use are undecided as of now.

New gates shall be added if required.
Lets fill up VIDP with 20 aircraft and evacuate those people!


Hey! Looks like a fun event, but please fix the title. You can find out how to do so here:


Is it better now?

Yep, good job.

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Do you want a gate?

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Can’t the event is at 5 AM for me.


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Looks fun… Hope I’ll be there…

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K what gate do you want @Uan ?

I’ll take T3 B15 to Amsterdam…

Signed you up! Also give me ur callsign

Air India 1778

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@ran @Udeme_Ekpo, you both were there in my previous event, wanna join?

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Uh, I wish I could join, but that’s 2 AM for me… so sorry, I’m going to have to pass.

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Hello. I would like to have the gate T3 gate A12 for Singapore Airlines A350.
Pilot : IFFG Captain ANAJEET
Callsign : Singapore 3003


Sure I will sign you up!

Could you please confirm the date and time. Time in Indian Standard Time format.

3 pm IST @Anajeet

2nd May, 3pm IST. I will be there.

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Sign me up for T3 gate B19L air India A321 to Bhutan
Callsign. Air India 090