Eva Airways fades their Boeing 747 out

Today, the second last Eva Airways queen B-16406 finished her last job from Taipei to Jakarta. After her departure, Eva Air Cargo only has one Boeing 747.

B-16406, starting her career as a passenger plane, left Eva Airways as a freighter after her 24 years of service. Only B-16407 still in the fleet of Eva Air Cargo. She is also predicted to leave in May, according to routesonline.

Thanks to my luck, I spotted B-16406 and the last Eva Queen B-16411!

If you are able to catch the last Eva Queen, go catch her without any hesitation.

Link to the final schedule of B-16411: https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/283062/eva-air-cargo-tentatively-schedules-last-boeing-747-service-in-may-2019/

Wanna see more photos? Go to check this out! https://www.instagram.com/vhhh.plane.spotters/


Sad to see my country’s 2nd largest airline and also my most favorite airline retire all their 747s. I have been on their passenger version and the combi version before. And I should be able to take a few pics from my home airport.

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Are they going to retire the 74F as well? Cause 747 cargo plane is still awesome. In Air China, we still contains few 747f, two 744 (B-2445/2447) flying domestic routes, and few 747-8 flying domestic and international routes. Btw, does China Airlines still have 747 and/or 747f left?


Well, they are retiring the 747-400F. They had retired all 747-400 in 2017. China Airlines still has Boeing 747, both passenger and freighter variants

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