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EVA Virtual Corporation


Welcome, pilot, to the world of EVA Air Virtual! This world is unlike any other than you have experienced, due to the fact that we're not a legacy airline and we serve the Asian, European and North American continents all from Taiwan! We serve over sixty-four (64) destinations, with multiple routes to different cities in each destination. We have over seven (7) aircraft variants that serve long haul, medium haul and short haul routes! We also have our own cargo airlines, EVA Air Cargo, with the B777F leading the way for the transportation of goods & services!

With our expansive route network, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the vast majority of the globe! With our diverse fleet, it gives you the option to be pro-Boeing, pro-Airbus or both if you like. With a expanding airline every year, it gives you the opportunity to experience more as EVA Air Virtual grows throughout the coming years. So what are you waiting for? Come join us!

Hello! My name is TaipeiGuru, and I’m the CEO here at EVA Air Virtual. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to EVC, where we strive to establish positive connections between pilots and celebrate the wonders of this jaw-dropping simulator. Whether you prefer ultra-realistic flights or simply hopping around in a bush plane, our airline offers a little something for everyone. Don’t just take my word for it, though; get excited, join us and see for yourself that EVC is an amazing place to be!



Hours needed: 0

Second Officer

Hours needed: N/A. This rank is unlocked after completing two training flights as a cadet.

First Officer

Hours needed: 25

Senior First Officer

Hours needed: 50


Hours needed: 100

Senior Captain

Hours needed: 135

Chief Captain

Hours needed: 200

For those who enjoy going above and beyond, look no further! Our ranks here at EVC don’t just stop at 200 hours. Below are additional awards that can be earned, as well as special privileges for each rank.

Rank Name Hours Needed Perks
Gold Award 500 Access to a private lounge within our Slack
Diamond Award 1000 Priority notice/Sign-ups for internal events
Platinum Award 1500 Advance notice for new changes within the VA
Royal Laurel 2800 Undisclosed


Our fleet allows you to perform both short and long haul flights, as well as taking smaller GA aircraft out for a spin. Below are the aircraft that we use in our fleet.


Second Officer


First Officer


Senior First Officer




Senior Captain




Our route network reaches the 4 most populated continents on Earth. Our routes range from short, intra-island hops within Taiwan to ultra long-haul flights such as Taipei to Houston. You can visit global hubs like London and Los Angeles, or take scenic trips to exotic destinations such as Phnom Penh and Cebu. We offer a diverse selection of destinations that is sure to please everyone. For more information on our route network, visit here.


You must:

  • Be grade 3 or higher
  • Have no reports in the past 30 days
  • Be TL1 or higher on the forum, and in good standing
  • Be 13+ years of age
  • Be able to use Slack
  • Be able to log at least 1 flight per month

Your EVC journey will begin by filling out our application form, which can be found here. After ensuring that you meet the requirements, a recruiter will contact you here on the IFC to schedule a series of tests (written and practical). All further correspondence should be with that recruiter. Once you pass the tests, you're officially an EVA Air Virtual pilot!

Please note that EVC is not affiliated with EVA Air in any way. For more information about the real airline, visit www.evaair.com/index.html. All images, logos and such are property of EVA Air.

EVA Virtual Corporation ~ December 2019

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Looks amazing!

I wish you all the best in your VA group


Great thread, congrats on your approval
Good luck in the future😁, I think you guys will do great in the future. Only by seeing this thread

Congrats @TaipeiGuru 🥳


Who do you think is the CEO ahaha.

Congrats @EVAVirtualGroup and @TaipeiGuru. Wishing you all the best for your future!


That’s why I didn’t tag him becuase I just remembered (whacks arm on table in a ‘doh’ gesture)


Congratulations guys! It’s been a pleasure to have previously worked with you @TaipeiGuru and even more amazing to see your approval. Again a huge congratulations and wishing you all the best in the future!


Good luck @EVAVirtualGroup! Looking forward to partnering with you all soon!


@Ecoops123 @Infinite_Qantas @anon41771314 @Luke_L @ran Thank you all so much for your kind words! We’re excited to see what the future holds. Luke, we couldn’t have done it without your assistance, so a big thank you goes out to you as well!



Very beautiful thread!


Welcome to the VA world 🎉.
Congrats @TaipeiGuru and @EVAVirtualGroup 🎉🎉🎉


This is a pretty thread. Congratulations! 🎊


The thread is beautiful!


@anon9524891 Thank you!

@MrMrMan Much appreciated! On a somewhat non-related note, allow us at EVC to extend our congratulations towards DLVA’s third anniversary. It’s a momentous occasion, so all the best towards you and your VA!


What is a Royal “Laurel”?
Like the identical sounding words laurel and yanny?


The term laurel refers to this. As for why we chose it, EVA Air’s business class product is called “Royal Laurel.” We liked the name, so it stuck. Thanks for asking!



Congratulations in your approval @TaipeiGuru!


Nice thread @TaipeiGuru!
Glad that I was the first person to join 😏


As a Taiwanese, I am looking forward to joining.


Congrats guys! I signed up early lol very excited!


@Vinne Thanks for your kind response (although I’m not TaipeiGuru I’m sure he would be apperictative :/)!

@PlaneGeek Thanks for the compliment (although I’m not TaipeiGuru :/) and also sorry for the delays recently, I’m getting to finishing everything to PM you what’s necessary in a couple of moments.

@LegendaryRoro88 Hope to see you soon in EVA Air Virtual! I also hope you continue looking forward to joining :/.

@Hymenopus_Coronatus Hope you’re still excited! I’m also sorry once again for the delays alongside PlaneGeek, hopefully I will have the chance to PM you both with the necessary information soon!