EVA AIR VA Is opening and recruiting (pending approval request from IFVARB)

Hello guys and I have created a VA that is based on the real airline EVA Airlines which is founded in Taiwan. This VAs purpose is to spread as much as possible to make people feel patronised in them selves. I decided to make this VA because it is based on an airline that is in the top ten Airlines in the world! Furthermore it is based on an Asian Airline which means that it is unique from the other VAs that are normally based on a European Airline or an American Airline. Our promise to you is that we will serve you the Asian beauty of aviation. We also have a Slack channel that is where you get invited and make sure that you DM me to apply for a staff postion.

Website Link: https://eva-air-va.jimdo.com

The staff:

Fleet Manger-
Route Manger-
Events Manger-
Website Manger-
Pilot Chief-
Pilot Instructor-
Head Of ATC-

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Did you get permission from IFVARB to post it before approval?

Nope but I will hold on

Well you can’t post it then

You’re not supposed to post it before getting approval.

How do i delete the post

You can’t. Don’t worry about it, a moderator will close this eventually.

Just flag it and mods will close it

Ok I will do the topic again but before that I will ask to upload the topic before approval

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