EVA Air | TPE-JFK | Boeing 787-10

Hey IFC!
Now here is an airline I haven’t flown in a while. For this flight, since we don’t have the EVA 77W which is what is used for this flight, I substituted it for the EVA 78X which we do have!
Server: Expert

Callsign: Eva 32 Heavy
The photos are ready!
Takeoff from Taipei

Climbing high

Made it to cruise alt


Sleepy time

It’s 1am over North Pole and the sun didn’t set

Flying over northern Canada

Approaching New York

Final 31L

Safe landing! And no I didn’t tail tap on either takeoff or landing I checked

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Lovely pictures as always @Jack_Q :)


Nice shots! And what was your flight time?

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Flight time was 13 hours 36 minutes @NoahM 👍🏻

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Nice shots!

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