EVA Air retires its last pax 747

Title says it all, the last flight was today from HKG to TPE, the end of an era that lasted 25 years, as they only got the 747 as recently as 1992. Sad to see the queen disappear, but context matters, and what was originally dubbed as a stop-gap measure for eventual supersonic flight, has become the icon of every major airline to have operated it.

source/trip report about the last flight: https://thepointsguy.com/2017/08/farewell-to-the-queen-eva-air-747/


Welp, it’s true… the 747 is really going… 😔


Rest in peace to EVA Air’s last 747. The plane’s last flight was BR891 and BR892 from TPE-HKG-TPE yesterday. It’s always a sad moment to see 747s retirements, but these 747s will be remembered in our heart ❤✈


Another airline retiring their 747, sad too see them all fade away slowly. Cathay Pacific, Philipines, United and now this ;C


25 more years of the 747 passenger jet, then it’s all over

Was this shot at TPE?
Its a great video nevertheless!

It’s probably more because of air sickness in the upper deck which why the 747’s are retiring quicker. My dad once sat on the upper deck at business, and he almost puke. Then imagine why people put economy up there too.

It’s still sad to see the great Jumbo leave though…

So sad to see all those beautiful birds go 😢

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I believe it was taken in RCTP as you can spot many EVA Air aircrafts there 😉

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No it isn’t. It is because they are becoming old and better options for airlines are starting to appear, like the B77W, 787, A330 or A350. It’s not because of air sickness.


Yeah, that’s what I thought too… 😁

Wish I could have gotten off school to see it 😩, oh well next time I go back I will Hong Kong airlines A350!

The 777-200er is just about the same age as the 747-4, and I didn’t hear them retire at all 🙄


747s have been in operation for around 50

The B772 is more efficient though and usable by airlines. No extra pilots for the B747 and no special crews

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Very sad to see the queen slowly retiring. Good things really do come to an end. :(


Unlucky for the 747’s, they used to be one of the most popular planes of the skys :(

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Here is another TripReport regarding the last flight of EVA’s 747 made by one of my favourite aviation channel, FlyRilakkuma


So sad, looks like this or next year will be her final commercial operations… ;(

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AFAIK, Thai Airways is going to keep their (Passengers) 747s until 2020. Not to mention that British Airways won’t retire their 747s in near future. So you still have a chance to board a 747 until 2020 (at least).