EVA Air MD-11


This livery looks nice on the aircraft! That is EVA Air when it started operations.

Credit to Arthur Yu for having a photo of this beauty!

Note: I’m very sure that this isn’t a duplicate request!


meh… that’s a decent livery… I was right about to say duplicate but the other one is the Eva MD-11F so I guess they are different.

I can see an Air Macau A300F in the background :)

I would like it much more if it was the new livery but it looks ok

Bump. This livery is absolutely GORGEOUS!

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It would be even better if you actually voted instead :)


Removed one of my votes specifically to vote for this :)

I was on this plane once.

EVA Air (B-16103) MD-11 takeoff from Vienna, Austria. February 2004. Posted on Twitter.


Who replaced a new topic with EVA Air MD-11 retro livery again post at IFC did they want?