EVA Air HK Livery and More @ KDFW | 19JUN20

Hello again! Last week, EVA Air sent a 77W to DFW with 60,000 masks on board, so myself, @TheJ3estPenguin, and @Speedyyy went out to spot it, of course. Not sure why they sent a 77W instead of a 777F like they usually send, but hey, EVA doesn’t even have passenger service here, so I’m not complaining. I was notified of it’s arrival at around midnight the night before, after it had departed Taipei and it arrived at around 11am. Thanks for the heads-up the night before, @Ishrion!

Anyway, on to the pictures:

B-16722 close up on final approach.

A full view of the aircraft.

After it landed, me, my brother, and a couple of other spotters headed over to the bridge by Terminal D to catch it coming in, but unfortunately it headed to the cargo terminal instead.

I knew it was here, but I just barely managed to jump out of the car and snap this shot of the Arashi JAL Hawaii livery coming across the bridge. This aircraft has been a frequent visitor at DFW ever since corona happened, for some reason.

A Delta Skywest CRJ-700 known as N603SK operating for American Eagle taxiing out for departure to Chihuahua.

N725AN, a 6 year old 777-300ER arriving from London Heathrow.

A rare visitor - a 20 year old Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F known as D-ALCK coming in from Frankfurt subbing in for the usual Aerologic 777F. The pilots waved at all the spotters!

N953NN is a 6 year old 737-800 that has been parked outside of the DFW maintenance hangar since 8 April.

This is N9004F, a 6 year old A319-100 that arrived at the maintenance hangar at 11am on 19 June, around when EVA landed. She had a 3 day break here before returning to the skies on 22 June. As of the time of this topic’s posting, this aircraft is descending into St. Louis from Miami.

Here she is again - B16722 taxiing out for her departure back to Taipei, only an hour and a half late.

Her GE90s are 😍

That’s the end of the topic! I have a bunch more pictures to share, but I’ll leave it for another time,
and because of the 10 picture limit. Thanks for looking at this topic!

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Oh my mama, those are great!

Gorgeous! Absolutely Gorgeous!

Marvelous pictures, as always! 👍

Great pictures! Though, I am pretty sure I saw one of those on some Instagram account named @dfwjets, pretty sure you stole it 😖


@Tsumia @anon41771314 @Infinite_Flight_Sims Thanks!

@GlobalFlyer1 Ah damn you exposed me


hmmm 1h and 30mins delay is considered short? Here in SG even 30mins delay is long as we don’t have much delays HAHAHA

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It was sarcasm 🗿

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