EVA Air Flight 159 Heavy Funny Arrival at RCTP

Hello, this is me again. I’m here to report an aircraft at RCTP airport acting so crazy to where I end up experiencing this.

This is Expert Server! Not Casual Server. This controller should’ve just told that pilot to give way to aircraft but went ahead and just taxied through my aircraft for no reason. Again, this is not Casual server. It’s Expert Server! What part of that don’t you understand! Please take this consideration and bring this to whoever is in charge because taxiing through aircrafts in an active airport on expert server especially Taipei airport, as I was about to park my aircraft to complete my flight is not Professional!
Thank You!

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Hi there!

Sometimes this can happen and is very annoying, controllers will do their best to handle a situation like this and keep aircraft clear of eachother. They might’ve been focused on someone else at that moment in time, or like all humans just had their mind frozen with “Oh god what should I do… OH GOD IT’S TOO LATE!” I’ve definitely been there before. 😂

After an incident like this, action generally won’t be taken after it takes place, and the pilot will just be lucky to escape this time.

If you’d like me to help you get in touch with the controller then I’d be happy to help.

Hi, here at IFATC we usually try to prevent these kinds of situations or, if they happened, prosecute people for their bad behavior. unfortunately, sometime things like that can fly under our radar (pun not intended), or we might not be sure who caused it. in that cases, the baddie can be left unprosecuted, which is annoying, but that’s just the way it is.
If you have any other problems with ATC, I suggest chatting with the controller. Be aware though, that retroactive reports are only given to people who were either clearly trolling or had offensive callsigns

Well, for an aircraft to taxi into my direction is unnecessary when I turned around. I wanted to avoid taxiing to another aircraft to avoid a violation.