EVA Air Cargo Boeing 777-F5E

Source: http://imgproc.airliners.net/photos/airliners/3/2/2/4655223.jpg?v=v4e9c5dd2034

Not many of you know that EVA Air Cargo has just received its first triple seven on 11/11/17. I think the cargo titles look great on EVA’s current livery. It would be great if FDS added this.

EVA Air Cargo:
Founded concurrently with the passenger operations of EVA Air, EVA Air Cargo operates facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Its cargo operations have diversified to include transportation of high-tech equipment and special care items such as museum artwork and live zoological specimens. EVA Air has stated its goal of achieving a 50/50 split in revenues between its passenger and cargo operations. The airline’s cargo operations are mainly operated via a fleet of Boeing 747-400, MD-11 dedicated freighters, Boeing 747-400 Combi aircraft, and additional belly cargo space on passenger aircraft.

Source: EVA Air - Wikipedia

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Omg that is beautiful


It really does! I really hope that this gets added

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If only the words Cargo was the same size font as Eva Air

Although agreeable Eva Air looks great on the 777 Family.


I have to vote for this. Especially with the 777 rework basically upon us, this is a must! I can do so many PANC flights with this!

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Let’s get this added with the rework!

Not sure how I haven’t seen this until now, but I’m glad I did. The EVA Air Cargo 777 is a major Asian cargo carrier, and I’d love to see it come with the rework. Fingers crossed!

somebody better tell me this is coming


I can help you get this, you have my vote

Yes, we need this. I was about to create this thread lol. And I also just voted.

I can’t be the only one who likes the mixture between green and black. In the age of eurowhite trash, a variety of colors are always welcome.

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Actually, that is a very dark green and not black. @TOGA
Also, for those of you who want the passenger version please vote here:

Looks black to most so I’ll refer to it as black anyways.

I saw this plane and livery at Anchorage yesterday. I see it all the time, but this time was really up close to the mighty reverse thrust. It was awesome!!!

Sadly, my camera battery died just in time 😑

But the livery was magnificent.

Come on people let’s get this in the sim!

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This is something that is definitely needed in the 777 rework. EVA Air Cargo flies a lot of routes to my airport and lots of other airports.

Make sure to drop a vote!

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Everyone make sure to vote! This is necessary for when the 77F gets reworked!

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Yes, we need this! Got my vote.


Remember to vote! The 777F is also getting a rework. Let’s make sure that this gets added to the list!

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Everyone make sure to vote! This livery is absolutely beautiful.

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Giving this a bump, such a nice livery!

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