EVA Air Cargo Boeing 747-400F

Is there plane that doesn’t suit this livery? I’m in love 😍


Very lovely!

I remember seeing this at JFK a few years ago.


As a airline from my home country, fully support !!!

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pretty! :)

Liked this green livery, @elisua.

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It won’t fit on the IF 747, the top deck is smaller.

Love it! Look’s great, I love the EVA liveries. Especially the Hello Kitty 77W ;)

Might be a great addition to the 747 :)

I don’t like it… I love it!

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Like it! Would be a great addition to our current fleet.

💚😏 psst dont cry pls i understood you love the EVA livery 😁😌

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Lol that’s what I said. I said I don’t like it… I LOVE IT!

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yeah i am sure 😏💚, do u have see the EVA Cargo in the Miami Airport?

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No, I have not :'(
I don’t think they come here </3

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looks cool i hope we get b744f