EVA Air Boeing 787-9

EVA Air confirmed that they will lease 4 Boeing 787-9 from Air Lease Corporation. I know that we have the EVA 787-10 in the simulator but I believe EVA would be a great addition to the 787-9 and it would benefit EVA Air VA if there’s one in the future. I don’t have a photo of the EVA 787-9 since they haven’t released one yet.


Looking forward for it! EVA’s livery will be great on any 787s imho 😍

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There’s a picture of the plane. 🙂

Photo credit for Yasu To (JetPhotos)


Take a look at this video and see the size of the child. 😮

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You got my vote.

This livery looks nice and would be a replacement for flying 78Xs to long haul destinations.

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