EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER - Hello Kitty Livery (B-16703)

EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER - Hello Kitty Livery (B-16703)

About EVA Air

EVA Air Corporation is a small and extremely safe Taiwanese airline of which “EVA” stands for Evergreen Airways. They operate passenger and dedicated cargo services to over 40 international destinations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. EVA Air is largely privately owned and flies a fully international route network. It is one of the few 5-star airlines, rated by Skytrax. It is the second largest Taiwanese airline. EVA Air is headquartered in Luzhu, Taoyuan City.
Since its founding in 1989 as an affiliate of shipping conglomerate Evergreen Group, EVA Air has expanded to include air cargo, airline catering, ground handling, and aviation engineering services. Its cargo arm, EVA Air Cargo links with the Evergreen worldwide shipping network on sea and land. Its domestic and regional subsidiary, UNI Air, operates a medium and short-haul network to destinations in Taiwan, Macau and China. As of January 2018, EVA Air is the 15th safest airline in the world, with no fatal accidents,or fatalities since its establishment.
EVA Air operates a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, with Airbus A330s, Airbus A321s, Boeing 777s, and Boeing 787s airliners primarily used on passenger routes, along with Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777 freighter aircraft used on cargo routes. The airline was one of the first carriers to introduce the Premium Economy class, which commenced in 1991.

About the Boeing 777

The Boeing 777 (Triple Seven) is a long-range twin engine widebody jet that is developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It is the largest twin-jet in the world and has a normal seating capacity of 314-396 people. It’s range is around 5,240-8,555 nautical miles. Its distinguishing features include the massive turbofan engines, long raked wings, six wheels on each main landing gear, fully circular fuselage cross-section, and a blade-shaped tail cone. The 777 was designed to replace the older long-haul airlines such as the 747 and 767. It was the first commercial aircraft to be designed completely with computer-aided designs. There are currently 4 variants of the 777: the -200ER, -200LR, -300ER, and -200F. The aircraft can be equipped either with General Electric GE-90s, Rolls Royce Trent 800s, or Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines. The 777-200LR holds the record of the longest flight ever, flying from Hong Kong to London across the Pacific and the USA in 22 hours and 42 minutes. Overall, the Boeing 777 is one beautiful airplane and is my favorite all-time.

My Opinion & Thoughts on this Aircraft

EVA Air is another one of those airlines that, in my opinion, deserves more attention and love in Infinite Flight. I can only think of 2 aircraft we have one of their liveries on - the A321 and 78X. This livery is very unique in which it hosts a colorful array of characters from the popular “Hello Kitty” program. With the possible addition of this beautiful livery, many new route opportunities are opened up that we might not have already had. So, if you are in support of this livery, be sure to vote! Thank you for reading :)


About EVA Air
About The Boeing 777
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Thank You For Reading!

This is just a lovely livery to see! Better support the Taiwanese! 👍😸

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Taiwanese ;)

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Here. Just changed this. Can’t believe that I can’t recognize Eva Air. 🤦🏾‍♂️

( I am out of votes! )

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That’s a good looking livery, but…
… this probably won’t be added due to copyright.

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Oh, yeah…
sorta forgot about that, rip…

Yeah. Just reminded me of that Toy Story livery on a Chinese Airline topic that got removed due to copyright. 😑


So I guess this topic is a no-go?

This livery as amazingly beautiful it is, along with Star Wars and Pokémon Livery on ANA and Kung-Fu Panda on Hainan, they all are under some very strict copyright laws by major corporations.

Disney does not approve of their brands to be featured anywhere by anyone without legal license, and they do not give license to anyone just because they request to use their work on your own product whether that be marketing use, personal use or company use. The same goes for the Pokémon Company for the Pokémon livery on ANA 777-300ER…, very unfortunate but that’s reality :(


Yeah, just so unfortunate. I will flag this for closure. :(

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It is very sad to say the least. I would’ve loved to see these liveries but unfortunately, unless Disney and other companies change their mind and views on copyright of their work in the future, these liveries till then are Nope :(


The Star Wars livery on the Ana 787 and 777 😔

This is a beautiful livery! Unfortunately I’m out of votes😫. Hopefully it will come in IF.

Wouldn’t keep my hopes up. The chances are looking pretty slim due to copyright…

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Unfortunately it most likely will not because of Disney’s strict copyright laws :(

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