EVA Air Boeing 757-200 - B-27021

Most of you probably don’t know, but EVA Air actually leased 2 B757-200s from Far Eastern Airlines and was returned to them in 2004.

More info on EVA Air:

More info on the Boeing 757:



Indeed a good looking livery! Freeing up a vote ✅


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Great livery, but there are literally like 5 routes max on this thing…

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Actually, there were a lot of domestic flights these 757s. So, not just five. And they also fly to Macau, HK, and sometimes to mainland China. @xsrvmy

How do u find that info lol

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Didn’t know they had 757’s. Pretty cool livery

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YES I’M BACK FOR EVA AIR PART 2 WOOHOO I want to see this I also made my own topic about air china because I knew that you will make and Eva Air topic

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let see if this gets added

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Planespotters on Airliners.net state the origin/destination. Also, my parents have flown on some routes before.

Also, we have reached 5 votes!

Yes 5 votes let’s do this can we get to 10 votes or even more

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Can we reach 10 votes?

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ok even though we got 2 Eva Air liveries in 20.3 we still need to see an Eva Air 757 because why not it is awsome we can have an old Eva Air plane come to IF

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