EVA Air B777 flew astray and close to terrain east of Los Angeles



They came into conflict with an Air Canada 788 and …‘According to ADSB tracking data, flight BR 15 barely cleared the mountaintops and was flying just south of Mt. Wilson Observatory (5,715 ft) at an altitude of about 6,250 ft. before the flight gets back into safe airspace’.

That’s a fair-sized catalogue of errors.


Wow, just 500ft above the observatory.

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The unofficial transcript certainly makes for interesting reading,

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Wow! That must be a scary experience for the passengers! (If they relize it)


It was at night and the weather was foul according to this report so they likely didn’t know what was up.

Transcript would appear to indicate that the controller was possibly at fault? Difficult to tell without knowing all the fact. So I won’t speculate!


It is possible the pilots had trouble understanding? Have you seen the ATC video when the controller had to keep repeating the frequency to change too to some Saudi pilots I think it was. I can’t seem to find it so here is another example.


Hard to tell whether it was ATC error or pilot error. ATC said left heading 180 then said right 180. But the pilots should’ve known about the terrain


Come on now, the non-standard wording from ATC is absolutely terrible, how can she lose her cool and completely forget her phrasebook at a time like this. Just say “turn right/left heading 180” and she will have the plane turning south. The pilots weren’t the brightest bulbs either, they should have a TCAS overlay on their nav screen and they should know they were clear on both sides.

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WOW! That communication was really messy.
I wonder what was going on.


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