EVA Air B777-300ER "Rainbow" livery

More Special Liveries!


Why does the aircraft type need to be plastered in the side of the plane, I hope they are being paid by Boeing for it as its not doing the livery any favours.


Maybe they just want to be like “Hey! We operate the Boeing 777-300ER.” They maybe feel like it is signifinigant in some way.😄

it probably brings the Buick effect…

Thats a Buick?!?
Thats a B773ER?!?

Could be good for advertising the plane, who knows…

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EVA Air is actually one of the world’s leading airlines.


They were one of the earlier operators for the -300ER back in 2005. So marketing created this livery.

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or marketing helped further Boeing’s market for the airplane.

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Imagine if they pasted “77W” instead 😂

Where’s the rainbow… .-.

I was wondering that to

Nice livery!

I miss the classic rainbow livery :(