EVA Air B777-300ER (New livery)


Omg IF team we really need this livery please!! Since we’ve only got EVA’s 787-10 and 321, we can’t fly long haul routes like Taiwan to JFK etc. this is a really good looking livery so IF please add this in the future!


All Taiwanese people in IFC vote for this livery plz.


Actually, Eva is supposed to be on the 787-9 not 787-10. So theres something we don’t see or notice. Probably no one cares


They also ordered B787-10s btw.


oh, I only tthough they ordered the 787-9. I’ll do some googling


@AXEL_GAMING this is what they say on their FB Page:

It is Chinese btw (use google translate).
And I think we are getting a little bit off topic.


Bumping This


Bump Bump.


I’ll hit it with the vote.

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Let’s reach 10 votes guys.

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Yes I would love to see this! Amazing livery on an amazing aircraft.


Bump Bump.

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we need this

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Thank you for your vote.


WE NEED to see more asian liveries in Infinite Flight, really hope to see this on the next update!


Let’s get this livery into the B777 Family Rework.


@George Can you specify so that the registration for the request is B-16738, I chose this registration since 8 is the lucky number in Taiwan, and it is one of the newest B777-300ER delivered to EVA Air.

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From what I see, the one pictured is B-16725. Which was the newest EVA 77W by the time this request was made

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@George since you created this thread, why not vote for it?

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because he created SO MANY feature thread TOO MANY

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