EVA Air B777-300ER (New livery)


Yup and it also adds EVA Air liveries tho!


Yay Taiwan! And someone be like “My Mom Air” hahaha I forgot who tho



EVA Air’s livery is one of the best among Taiwanese Carriers ;)


Wonderful livery!


I don’t know why people choose no on these polls. Any addition to Infinite Flight is great.


My Mom Air? I’m dying.


This deserves my vote.


Gorgeous livery you got my vote!


I know this is off topic, but it’ll be quick.

Your mom’s name is also Eva? My mom says she wants this livery added to IF lol. Also, you posted that comment one day before my moms birthday 😂


@Jeffrey_Varga and @CannedAviation EVA Air the EVA stands for Evergreen, so it means Evergreen Air, which is named after the largest shipping company in Taiwan.


Another EVA AIR long haul plane is needed


This is one of the best liveries imo and would be nice to see added to IF. With a hub in Taipei this aircraft is perfect for routes to Chicago, Frankfurt, LAX, and JFK


I think the other livery looks better, to be honest.


I’d like to see this actually, I would fly RCTP-KORD with it!


Oooohh, I would love to see this in IF. Currently, we only have 2 aircraft with the EVA livery on them, one of them not in traffic yet for the airline and the other, used for short hauls… so this 777-300ER will open up a gate leading to new long hauls and routes connecting Taiwan with North America even more. Currently we do have it’s counter part China Airlines, but having EVA will give us more variety in terms of realistic flights :)


EVA AIR is top 10 best Airlines in the world
I need this livery as am Taiwanese


Guys please vote for this clean looking livery.


This would be nice. Gives me another option to fly to Taipei instead of having to use China Airlines 777


Replacing this route with EVA B787-10 destroys the realism. .