EVA Air B777-300ER (New livery)


Would love to see this livery in Infinite Flight!
Credits to @nabeeeeyan
Picture is not mine
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  • Nah, I don’t even like it

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Not to be confused with it’s rainbow livery request. For the Rainbow livery, click here!

EVA Air 777-300ER
Boeing 777 Family Rework
Boeing 777 Family Rework

looks a nice clean livery!


Could you imaging the hello kitty livery this would be plain hilarious to see flying about on Infinite Flight


Yes please!


@David_Lockwood @Laurens I think so! The livery is so beautiful! This should be added in IF :D


Yeeeess please


A “Yes” for this livery. That’s Why I’m requesting this


Lel you’re replying to your own post 😂


Is a very pretty livery, I want it😍


I like this for 2 reasons:

Nice design

My Mom Air


I Like the clean livery too. And looks stunning

Your mom should be proud as her name featured on a Great Airline


Nice livery, EVA A321 need this. Feeling alone.🤓🙈


Yup. I would like to see more EVA Air livery


It’s a Custom livery buddy, They hack their Infinite Flight and inserted their custom livery ;)


I guess this hacking thing is really common out there

But in Live, you still appear as whatever plane you originally chose for the modification lol


What a shame to post that here, anyway back on topic, this livery is gorgeous, simply I like the new design, rather than the old formal livery.


Yup, They made a huge improvement with changing their livery ;)


The engines look different though


I have a YouTube channel (Aviation Fan) and I like to plane spot at Los Angeles a lot but in like IF form and in lots of real la plane spotting videos they have this Eva air 777 so I would love to have it in the game so that I can fly and put it in my video


I’d love to see this livery in IF! It looks clean and refreshing!