Eva Air A330-300 (new livery)

Hey guys, so today im making eva air A330-300 features thread. As we know eva air is based in taiwan and have lots of routes. And eva air use A330-300 for asia routes and australian routes, so i hope infinte flight can add this at upcoming updates

About eva air :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EVA_Air
About airbus:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airbus
About Airbus A330 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airbus_A330
If you like my thread,please give a vote and comment what do you think:)

It looks great! I think this would be an excellent addition to IF, and would nicely complement the other long haul Asian aircraft in game. You got my vote!


Nice thread look so Beautiful

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Looks amazing! Wish they add the Hello Kitty livery as well!

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You got my vote.

Giving this a bump.

Now that there is a potential A330 Rework, hopefully this gets added.

YASSSS SIS I need to see this in the game go A330 EVA AIR 21.1

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Oh yesss pls

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Yes we need this. If this is added, we won’t have to fly some intra-asian routes unrealistically with the A321 or 787.

omg so true I was doing a route from Taiwan to Jakarta and was feeling weird flying the 787-10 i wanted to fly the A330 Eva Air so bad but it was not added

Another scenic route with this aircraft is Taipei to Denpasar, which I have to replace it with the 78x because I don’t want to fly generic.

Also we have reached 5 votes!

Come on guys let’s try to reach 10 votes.

Ooh very nice, il give a vote :D

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Thanks for voting @Alfie_Hunt.

Get my vote. Also please consider to vote my VNA A333 ☺️

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Thanks for voting @Tai_Xipo and @Trietphuongnguyen

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No problem dude. I always love Eva Air

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Hopefully this gets added.

Credits: Me

Great livery. We need it complete the EVA Air fleet in Infinite Flight.

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