EVA Air A330-300 (New Livery) B-16338

Guy I think EVA Air’s new A330-300 looks very clean and deserves to be an addition to IF.

Reg.: B-16338
Also, I think the plane should have this reg. in IF because “8” is good luck in Chinese.
More Info about the A330-300 and EVA Air:

Oh and also, I got permission from @MishaCamp to recreate this post.

Photo Source: Jetphotos

Good idea!

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Would vote but I ran out of them

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What do the old livery look like?

The old livery looks like this.

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Definitely! The livery looks amazing and I would love to see that in IF

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BR is the best airline and I really do think it should get more representation in IF. U get a vote✈️

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Congrats Guys We Reached 5 Votes!!!

Beautiful livery, i hope to see it in IF one day:)

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Please vote.

This shouldn’t be flagged, just telling the person to vote, and not just make a post about it looking good. He did not say he didn’t have enough votes.

Honestly, beside the curly line in the new livery, it doesn’t look much different from the old.

Let’s get this into the next A330 Rework Guys.

And by the way we reached 5 VOTES!!!

This shouldn’t be flagged or hidden, this is just a 5 votes celebration.

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Bump Bump.

Smart way to make the post last longer

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Thank you for your vote.


I wouldn’t recommend bumping this every 15 hours, not only does it get annoying after a period of time, it also can deter people from voting, as it may seem as you are getting desperate for votes


Then probably best not to consntly bump it…


Ok I got it, I think bumping it every 24 hours is alright, right? I’ve seen other people do it.

Or maybe bump every other month or so. The more you bump, the more will you push people away. Many of us find it annoying to see a request we dont want to vote for at the top of the forum constantly. Additionally those who don’t want to see it at the top may mute it and therefore you lose potentiall voters. Also the amount of votes don’t determine if a request makes its way through or not. They are are way to show that people support this idea but adding a feature is not entirely based on votes. Oh and people who post a post saying they can’t vote but support this idea will also contribute to the addition of this feature.

So please refrain from bumping it everyday, thank you :)

Your next bump could come in May of 2019. Give it a reat and let people decide for themselves if the want to vote or not. And peoplw who may like the idea will maybe post a post which will lead to a bump as well.


Bump Bump.

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